Monday, July 18, 2011

Went down a pant size :-)

My trainer is back this week. I hope to get in a few more great sessions. Dynomite will be joining me in the pool.

Sorry about the multiple posts in one day! My husband's computer doesn't like to post and he finally fixed my computer last night so I can blog again!!

The good news is that I lost a whole pant size!! I went from 10 back to 8. I don't image I'd go down again, because I've been a size 8 since High School.

Have a happy and productive week!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taking a swimming break!

My personal trainer is on vacation. I opted to not see another trainer. Therefore this week I have started swimming lessons with the kiddos. I am doing *Backpack first because he doesn't like to go to the kids room and he is the most likely to jump into the water without a swim floaty. I'm following the program designed by Aquatic Achievers by USwim, a company based in Australia. The approach is very hands-on with one-on-one instruction, which is what I wanted. I decided to do one child per week.
Today, *Backpack and I did front and back floats. Tomorrow we'll work on going underwater!

*When blogging I use alias names for the kids:
6 year old - Trouble (because that is what he is!)
4 year old - Dynomite (her initials are TNT)
2 year old - Backpack (named by trouble)
Baby - Aussie (9 mo. before he was born we were in Australia)