Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday's Weigh-in: Week 11 Stepping it up a notch!

Summer has really taken a toll on my attempts of exercising outside. Today it hit 92 degrees Fahrenheit, and although the humidity is only 60%, it's still kind of sticky. Needless to say, unless I'm riding my bike or my elliptical downstairs, I'm not getting as good a workout as usual. Today I decided to change that, so I joined the YMCA. I got a solid 2hr butt-kicking (going to hurt like heck tomorrow) kind of workout in while my kids enjoyed playing in the childcare. I AM SOOOO happy with the hard workout I got in, I could jump for joy, but I'm a little tired…lol. Anyway, when the weather's nice, I still plan on doing my 2 miles early in the morning with AJ and the girls, but for now, hitting the gym works! :) Besides it's nice to have 2 hours kid-free.
Today I weigh 157 lbs. My inches are the same, except my waist is now 31 inches. I'll take what I can get!