Thursday, August 18, 2011

Counting Calories!

My trainer said the next step in a total lifestyle transformation is to count calories. Sure, I thought. I eat relatively healthy and don't keep a bunch of junk food in the house. Well, I didn't keep alot of junk food in the house and we did eat a little better....BUT, my husband is TDY (temporary duty yonder) for 5 weeks so OF COURSE I have stocked up on ice cream, root beer, chocolate and chips for my late night Glee or Gilmore Girls TV viewing pleasure. AND since he isn't home for dinner that means more kid friendly dinners like corn dogs, pizza, and mac-n-cheese. They still get a their daily fruit and veggie intake, but why not have a little down time when dad is gone.

Anyway, the point is...COUNTING CALORIES IS NO FUN!!! I ate 1 serving of oreos, which was like almost 500 calories and all I could think is: I just worked my butt off on the elliptical for 30 mins burning as many calories as it took to devour 6 oreos in 3 mins. NO WONDER we're all obese! What the heck is in those things!!

It has been a real eye opener. The first two days I thought I'd eat like I wasn't accountable and boy oh boy thats alotta calories! Then I stated eating like I knew I'd have to report in. Then I noticed myself thinking, "Yeah, I'm gonna pass on those chips because I'd be embarrassed to report that all I had for lunch was Doritos."

I guess counting calories does have its advantages :-) So I'm going to count away and tame the incurable sweet tooth!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A good day to weigh in!

I'm so happy, that I could eat a donut....just kidding...I mean, an apple :-)

I met with my trainer today and she wanted to do a fitness evaluation to test if I'd improved from last month. I'm happy to report that I either maintained or excelled in every area. I really need to get a copy of her report, because I don't remember all the areas she tested me in.

But the good news is that I lost 1 & 3/4 inches off my waist! I did 8 more sit-up in one minute and held the plank pose for an extra 15 seconds. My legs are also stronger.

I held the same on push ups and arm strength. Although it felt a little easier, but not much! I've been trying to do more with my arms, but I now know I'll have to work harder.

More importantly is that I just simply feel better! I have more energy and I feel great when I get dressed, like I don't have to hide in clothes. After this evaluation, I feel even more motivated to keep working out!

That's the new from today!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm glad my Trainer is NOT in the CIA

Why am I glad my trainer is NOT in the CIA?? WHY?? Because if she was she would be THE best torturer in the business. :-)
She worked me like a red-headed step child today. She actually told me that she wanted me to feel the burn. She she didn't say it in a cute way either!! It was almost a little devious...


She's doing a great job. What I really like is that she tells me where I should be feeling the stretch/burn/tightening. I tell her if I'm not feeling it and she helps to adjust what I'm doing to get the workout right. And its great because I actually feel like I'm getting a real workout with out the ol' treadmill.

On Monday, I did hop on the elliptical for 35mins. I went 2.5 miles. I find the elliptical uncomfortable. I think the more I use it, or maybe find the right adjustments, I'll like it better. After that I got on 5 weight machines.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'll do some cardio and then more machines. My trainer is helping with my core, so I figure I can do cardio on the days without her.

That's the plan anyway :-)