Monday, June 1, 2015

Back in a Groove!

I kept trying to kick start myself again and again. I'd have some success and then get derailed. Last year I got back down to 149 lbs. and then ballooned back up to 165 lbs. before my husband deployed. Anyway, I've been really sticking with it this time and now I'm down to 154 lbs. again. I'm working out 4+ times a week, watching what I'm eating and the hard work is paying off. What I've noticed with my weight-loss this time is that I'll lose 3 lbs. and then gain 1 lb. back. Then it'll happen again so it's been slowly yo-yo-ing down in the right direction. My eating habits are a bit different than they were 5 years ago. I'm now mostly a pescatarian but I will eat meat occasionally. Also, since I'm not nursing a baby right now, I can only find success when I'm eating close to 1200 calories/day. It's a little tougher, but it is working and success keeps me motivated. To add some accountability, I re-upped my Beach Body membership and joined a support group. I figure the more support I have, the better. I can't wait to see what my measurements are a month from now! :)
Weight: 154 lbs.
Chest: 39 in
Waist: 31.5 in
Hips: 31.75 in
Wish me luck!

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